Upgrade.. OBJECT: RT006. Rodent Series… (Neon Corp).

…I recently wrote to you about this object from the RD-6 sector. In this work, you can see one of the constituent parts of the object and the most important one). As I already wrote, all rodents in this sector are assembled and reassembled in special huge machines similar to old slot machines, of course they are stuffed with a huge number of devices, manipulators and mechanisms that I do not understand. There are several types of machines. In some, only heads are assembled, the most complex operations are performed with the implantation of cyber mechanisms and various sensors. In other machines, bodies of rodents are collected with implantation of various exoskeletons. In the third, various helmets are produced, and a bunch of different other additional equipment. There are also machines in which rodents undergo various mutations. I think the ‘’transformation’’ process itself looks pretty creepy! But since everything happens inside these huge boxes, I could only observe the loading of the rodents and the finished result. Roughly speaking, a special transparent box with 3–5 individuals is taken, inserted like a cartridge into the primary giant machine, then a long and most likely painful transformation process begins. All these machines are interconnected and form a single huge conveyor, controlled by ‘’them’’ highly developed AI, and a huge number of ‘’E — conductors’’. By the way, I have not yet talked about them. ‘’E — conductors’’ (Engineering conductors). these are such small (biomechanical and cybernetic organisms that play the role of AI assistants in the creation of various objects. They are everywhere here, in every NTS-3 and in every sector. Later I will definitely tell you about them and most likely even draw some….


You can get this NFT here: https://opensea.io/assets/0x3fb6e1b7e573322b5442980a83d16506ae4af22e/16

Website: https://www.neon3000.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Neon30004

Opensea: https://opensea.io/collection/neoncorp



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